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Exploring Winds Discovering Power.

While you feel the wind blow, we can tell its quality, quantity and direction.

The wind energy industry has come a long way from moving ships to producing electricity. Progressing with the modern technological advancements, Ramkrishna Iron Works Pvt. Ltd. (RKIW) has diversified as a specialist in the design and manufacture of integrated environmental wind monitoring systems.

The company adheres to international quality control systems and is certified under ISO-9001. The company's state-of-the-art plant at Vasind in Maharashtra state is fully equipped with complete machine shop, fabrication shop, in-house painting shop, testing equipments and quality control facilities.

The success of a Wind Power project depends upon precise dependable wind measurements. As an authorized dealer of world renowned wind assessment equipment manufacturer - NRG systems, the company imports from U.S.A., the Wind speed meter, Wind direction meter and the Data logger. Accredited by RWTUV-Germany, RKIW manufactures one of the major components in wind measurement - "The Mast".

Wind Energy has been one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy generation in the world. Emerging along with the industry, is the company's credibility and it's esteemed clientele that includes valued names such as Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Chikmagalur Energy Projects Ltd., Karma Energy Ltd., NEG-Micon (India) Pvt. Ltd., RRB Vestas, Suzlon Energy Ltd., Weizmann Ltd. and Windia Power Ltd. Capturing the boundless winds, the company's motto has been to exceed the client's needs every time.

RK WindMast is highly versatile meteorological tower designed specifically for wind energy resource measurements. The tilt-up tubular telescopic type RK WindMast is available in heights ranging from 30, 40, 50, 60and 65 meters. The Mast is structurally sound in nature and verified by qualified, independent structural engineers. RKIW manufactures the most economical and efficient wind mast available in the market today.

We are Authorised Dealers For "NRG SYSTEM" Global leaders in wind assessment technology, INSPEED for Instant Calibration of wind speed to setup small wind generators, SUPERNOVA for small wind generators upto 25kw capacity and also for MADGETECH for data loggers used in various industries.

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